An interactive, immersive and pandemic-compatible* exhibition concept

YOU ARE HERE:@/// is an interactive and immersive exhibition concept for photography with specially composed soundscapes that focuses on the visitor's experience of art. It is [r]evolutionary and novel in the range of its many facets. An exhibition is scalable in size and geometry and can be designed from currently two theme and image worlds.

The exhibition design is compatible* with the protective measures required by the pandemic.

The starting point of an exhibition are photographs and/or videographies in sizes up to 4x6 metres, which, however, unlike usual in photo exhibitions, do not hang picture next to picture in the exhibition space. For the selected works, a course is currently being developed in cooperation with exhibition architects and designers, which will stage each work and present it in such a way that the viewer can immerse himself in the respective work without visual distraction. Together with curators, we will be able to make a selection from over 250 photographs/videographies from two groups of works and develop a dramaturgy that has the power to make the viewer come into contact with himself and his environment beyond the confrontation with the contents shown in the works.

# 1. High Noon
Photographs from Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich, Florence, London, Madrid, Milan, Rome, Siena, Venice and other places under the influence of the Corona Shutdown, taken since March 2020.

# 2. mountains, grasslands and woods
Large-scale landscape photographs realised since January 2019 in Germany, England, France, Austria and Switzerland.

The decisive factor for the immersive experience and the impact on the viewer is that we are not only able to stream sounds, in 3d audio, interactively to the viewer's headphones in real time according to the viewer's location in the exhibition space and his or her line of vision - even more - we can also make the sound worlds physically perceptible for each viewer individually.

Thus, in addition to the visual and acoustic experience, the exhibition visitor receives a generally pleasant, sometimes touching, sometimes irritating tactile experience. The result is that the visitor not only experiences the experience as surprising and new, but it also triggers something in him that in many cases sharpens his focus once again on what he has seen or even sets it in motion.

The degree of interaction for the visitor is just as scalable as the number of groups of works shown # 1 and # 2 - both can stand on their own - but both can also be linked together by a connecting module, which we call the "Space Of Discomfort" and thus enter into an exciting symbiosis.

In the "Space Of Discomfort" there are 7 works with social themes that we were confronted with during the production process for YOU ARE HERE:@ ///, be it as citizens or as artists, e.g. in dealing with a motif.

The achievable interactivity of the viewer can be described in its basic interpretation as follows: Locating the visitor in the exhibition space to an accuracy of 10 cm, with simultaneous detection of his or her line of vision to a precision of 1 degree and corresponding individual output of the media to the headphones.

The visitor is not consciously aware of all the technical complexity and the high-tech used - because after a short time he moves quite naturally, almost meditatively, along a path that he perceives almost organically and not only forgets time and space, but can, if he lets himself in, perhaps even experience moments in which he experiences himself in the reflection of a work.

*Notes on the pandemic compatibility of our exhibition concept

The technology we use comes from Europe, is available and ready for use, and is configured individually for the respective exhibition space and exhibition design. For the interactivity in our exhibition concept, the precise recording of the location of each visitor is essential.

In times of a pandemic and the resulting indispensable and diverse safety precautions to protect exhibition visitors as well as staff, one aspect is of outstanding importance: the distance between individuals.

In complying with the distance rules, regardless of whether the distance coefficient is defined as 1.5, 2 or 2.5 metres, our system, in addition to its art-specific capabilities, plays its uniqueness to the full.