Julian Kirschler, Detail "Tropical Island" near Berlin from the series High Noon, 2021 © Photo: Julian Kirschler

First broadcast on ARD, Wednesday, 21 July 2021, 10.50 p.m.

The vaccination drama - Germany's way out of the pandemic

A documentary film by Dominik Wessely and Antje Boehmert commissioned by ARD

The chroniclers of the pandemic period:

The filmmaker Dominik Wessely & the photographer Julian Kirschler

In two different ways, the renowned filmmaker and director Dominik Wessely, who has just been awarded the GRIMME PRIZE, and the conceptual photographer Julian Kirschler followed and documented the dramatic events and situations of the pandemic in Germany. While Wessely used the medium of documentary film, Kirschler used the past year to advance into new dimensions of photography and turn it into an interactive and immersive experience for exhibition visitors in the future. The innovative approach to photography in turn inspired the filmmaker. Wessely accompanied the artist's path and his exploration of the unreality of cities, of standstill and emptiness. Thus the photographer became one of the protagonists in the film, whose project High Noon tells a very different story of coping with the pandemic.

Documentary about Germany's way out of the pandemic

Julian Kirschler, film still from the documentary "The Vaccination Drama - Germany's Way Out of the Pandemic" © DOCDAYS / Knut Schmitz

Dominik Wessely and Antje Boehmert travelled across Germany for nine months and took a look behind the scenes. The film shows stories behind the newsmakers. The daily struggle of the teams in the vaccination centres with ever new prescriptions, the shortage of vaccines, the work of the disaster relief workers in structurally weak areas with ageing populations without internet, the work of the general practitioners, to the work of the STIKO and of scientists such as Prof. Dr. Christian Drosten, Prof. Dr. Alena Buyx and Prof. Dr. Cornelia Betsch - they all have their say. A special role is played by the photographer Julian Kirschler, whose personal life circumstances, the care of his 91-year-old mother, as well as his artistic path to the preparation of a new immersive and interactive photography exhibition, which the film also traces.

The result is a first chronicle of Germany on its way out of the pandemic, from the prioritisation debate about risk groups in November 2020, to the current situation with the first positive response to the broad vaccination campaigns and the relaxation, now in June and July 2021. The almost 90-minute documentary by Dominik Wessely and Antje Boehmert is a DOCDAYS production, commissioned by SWR, MDR and RBB for DAS ERSTE. It will be shown on Wednesday, 21 July at 22:50 on Das Erste.

SWR: https://bit.ly/3ricPYW

The digital virus in the picture

Julian Kirschler - High Noon und You are here:@///wolken.kuckucks.heim

One characteristic of the pandemic is its spread, in other words its multiplication. This is why Julian Kirschler has implanted a digital virus in his large-format city photographs of Stuttgart, Berlin, Venice, Vienna and Zurich, among others. It manifests itself in blurriness, diffusivity and, of course, duplication, thus creating an important moment of uncertainty for the viewer.

Dominik Wessely's film accompanies the photographer as he takes some of the most important pictures in his series High Noon. In next Wednesday's TV report, viewers are present as the first picture is taken at the deserted airport in Stuttgart and they look over Julian Kirschler's shoulder during the photo shoot at the completely deserted "fun pool" Tropical Island, outside Berlin.

Julian Kirschler, Dresden from the series High Noon, 2021 © Photo: Julian Kirschler

What does photography sound and feel like today?

An immersive, synaesthetic exhibition project

Dealing with the question "how can photography still touch us today? " ultimately led Julian Krischler to develop his broad-based exhibition project You are here:@////cloud.cuckoo.land. In the multi-sensory exhibition installation of up to 4 x 6 m photographs and videos, the dystopian cityscapes of the pandemic period are juxtaposed with a series of natural landscapes. Through headphones, visitors will hear soundscapes composed by the composers Stefan Kling and Mathias Freimann. What is seen can be experienced and felt individually by all visitors. This is what photography sounds like today.

Exhibition preview autumn 2021

This autumn, the photo series for the High Noon project, which was created during the shoot at Tropical Island, will be shown for the first time in the virtual project space "Stattbad".

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"It's not enough that the Covid 19 virus is upsetting the world as we knew it; Pforzheim artist Julian Kirschler is also changing the reality around us: with a virus. He unleashes this on his photographs, which he took beforehand. On once busy squares and in pulsating cities......"